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For our democracy to succeed, we need to teach each new generation how to become informed and engaged citizens.

Congressman Lee H. Hamilton

"Comments on Congress"

Lee H. Hamilton is one of the nation’s foremost experts on Congress and representative democracy.

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iEngage Indiana

iEngage Indiana is a free, five-day civics camp that focuses on developing young people’s civic and political competence and strengthening their community and political engagement through inquiry-based civics projects in which they research and act upon local community issues. 

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Everyday Civics: Tools for Daily Living

Our democratic system of government gives important duties to our elected representatives. But it also places special responsibilities on the American people. Our system of government doesn’t work, at least not legitimately, without the regular involvement and participation of its people.

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Apps & Learning Modules

The Center on Representative Government has developed several cross-platform, multimedia resources for online and mobile devices. 

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For me as a classroom instructor, the best thing was having students who were engaged...they wanted to learn more.

Emily McCord, Batchelor Middle School

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