Happy Birthday, Congressman Hamilton!

Indiana University is congratulating one of the nation's most illustrious and distinguished statesmen and highly accomplished public servants, former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton, on his 90th birthday today.

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Our Challenge

For our democracy to succeed, we need to teach each new generation how to become informed and engaged citizens.

Congressman Lee H. Hamilton

Public Opinion on Congress 2020

Democrats and Republicans have different views about the importance of a free press, the political rights of political minorities, and an independent judiciary, according to a survey of public attitudes about Congress and public affairs conducted by Indiana University’s Center on Representative Government and Center on American Politics.

IU has been conducting its public survey since 2007, and the annual effort is overseen by Distinguished Professor of Political Science Edward G. Carmines, the Warner O. Chapman Professor of Political Science and a Rudy Professor at IU. 

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For me as a classroom instructor, the best thing was having students who were engaged...they wanted to learn more.

Emily McCord, Batchelor Middle School

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